Frequently Asked Questions

Here in our FAQ section you will find answers to many questions from how to make returns to what will happen to vaping after Brexit.

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How to Make the Right Choice

If you want to buy a vape in Dubai and make no mistake about it, there are several nuances to consider:

  • Decide why you need the device. Want to try something new or give up regular cigarettes? Get an inexpensive vape with a low puff count.
  • Optimum strength. If you're new to vaping, look no further than 2% nicotine content. If you're looking for something stronger and comparable to regular tobacco, vape juices with 5-6% nicotine are the way to go.
  • Best Taste. In the Vape king Emirates  shop you can buy vape Tugboat, VGOD, Stig and other vape flavors from various manufacturers. Standard among them are tobacco, berry, fruit, herbal with and without refreshing effect.
  • Type of device. The main parameters are cartridge volume and battery capacity. The larger these characteristics, the longer the device will last. But you should remember that their size also determines the shape of the device. You can also choose PODs with removable cartridges.

Having trouble finding and choosing a vape in Dubai? Contact the managers of  Vape king Emirates shop and they will willingly answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the use of a vaping device! There are many vaping devices, but “vaping” is the term that unites them all. Vaping is the inhalation and exhalation of vaper when using an electronic cigarette/vaporizer. It is the evolution of smoking, replacing many negative associations with the old habit of tobacco combustion. The technical term for vapor is called liquid aerosol, it can be compared to how a kettle heats up liquid like water and produces a steam vapor. Vaping works when the e-liquid is heated creating a vapor that is then inhaled and exhaled. E-Liquids come in many different strengths of nicotine and even come in nicotine-free. Vaping is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking.


What fuels vape and POD systems?

To refuel such devices from our Vape Shop Dubai, we use special juices - liquids made on the basis of salt nicotine, glycerin and flavourings. Such compositions are many times safer than ordinary tobacco and tobacco mixtures because they do not contain combustion products and do not emit dangerous resins when heated. 

The main difference between the compositions is the presence of flavorings. Among the flavors available and offered are:

  • Fruity;
  • Berry;
  • Herbal:
  • Tobacco;
  • Lollipops;
  • Refreshing and not.

Manufacturers offer classic and original combinations, among which you can find something to suit your taste.


Is it possible to quit smoking with a vape?

No. Vape and POD systems can be a healthier alternative to regular smoking. But quitting tobacco products itself is up to you.


How much vape our is released when smoking a vape?

The amount of vapor emitted when vaping depends on the manufacturer. There are devices where this parameter is rigidly set, and others where it depends on the puff strength. In any case, we do not recommend taking deep breaths when switching on the device as this can lead to negative consequences.


What nicotine level should I start at?

This really depends on two factors:

  • How much did you used to smoke?
  • What equipment are you going to use?

If you smoke around 20 a day and intend to use a starter kit, we recommend starting at 18-24mg.

If you smoke 10 per day and are using a starter kit, try 12-18mg.

If you smoke less than 10 per day and are using a starter kit, try 6-12mg.

If you're using standard beginner setups such as the ego or eSmart starter kits, you will naturally require a higher nicotine strength than if you're using sub ohm tanks and higher power. Some e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers run at high power. These devices generally allow users to consumer a greater volume of liquid in a shorter space of time than 'standard' equipment. If you're using this type of setup, you will naturally require a low nicotine liquid.


What nicotine strength should I be using?

Choose the nicotine strength that’s right for you based on your previous smoking habits. But remember, the overall aim would be to reduce the dosage over time and eventually cut it out altogether. Our e-liquids help you do this seamlessly and at your own pace.

  • Heavy smokers (20+ cigarettes a day) - 18-20mg Nicotine
  • Medium smokers (10-20 cigarettes a day) - 10-12mg Nicotine
  • Light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes a day) - 3-6mg Nicotine


Can vapes be used indoors?

Vape VGOD, Tugboat, Myle, VEIIK, etc. all produce virtually no vapor or unpleasant smoke, so you can use them indoors without fear. As the devices have no unpleasant smell, outsiders are unlikely to notice that you are using the device.


Can I charge devices from your Vape Shop?

PODs and vapes are not designed to be recharged or recharged. They have a battery that is designed to last for a certain period of time. At the end of this period, the device is simply disposed of as household waste.

Attempting to recharge or charge the device yourself is not recommended as it will damage the body and cause electronic parts to malfunction.