About us

Vape king Emirates is an online vape store established to quench the desires of the UAE Vape community. We offer you the most authentic and world class e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vape accessories. We are on a mission to help chain smokers quit their toxic habits and help them in acquiring a healthy lifestyle with vaping to stay away from smoking forever. Vape king Emirates is determined to provide A to Z vape Dubai products required for your vape adventure. We have everything that you are searching for, that too with the authentic & best quality.

 Our team is for your aid any time of the day. We are dedicated to serving you with answers to your enquiries 24 hours a day. 

Who We Are?

Vape king Emirates is the UAE’s most renowned online retailer that offers a colossal range of vaping systems, e-juices and accessories to all our passionate vapers in the country. We have got anything, and everything related to vaping that includes disposable vape pods, mods, vape kits, mods, e-liquids, salt nic, coils, tanks, hardware and more. Additionally, we boast an extensive range of flavor’s from top international brands that are truly unique to our exclusive collection.